Guidance for authors

"Bulletin of the university" (RTSU) contains articles of teachers, post-graduate students of the University and other universities and educational institutions of Tajikistan, which are the result of their study in the field of economics, law, philology, history, political science.

The edition is open to scientists of the countries of the far and near abroad to publish their works.

Submission of the articles, previously published or accepted for publication in other publications, is not permitted. The editors reserve the right to choose the material, as well as the right to reduce the edition.

Articles are accepted for consideration by the Editorial Board if they are provided with expert review, which has a degree of doctor of science (if the author is a Doctor of Science), doctor or candidate of science (if the author is a candidate of science, a graduate student or competitor for a degree).

The review of scientific adviser should be attached to an article written by a graduate student or competitor for a degree. The publication of article for post graduators is free of charge.

Materials should be submitted to the editors on electronic media and in printed form (1 copy.). The size of scientific articles should not exceed 0,5 pp Cover page of the article should contain UDC, surname, first name, middle name (in full) of the author / authors, their academic degree, title, position, place of work and contact information (postal address, phone number, E-mail), the full name of the specialty, annotation in Russian (at least in 5 lines) and keywords with a semicolon (no more than 7).

The annotation should clearly state the main content of the article and be available for publication separate from the article.

There should be references to information sources in the article (citations and numerals). Numerals are numbered according to the serial number of the source in the bibliography. The reference numbers must be written inside the square brackets indicating the page where the quote is taken.

References are listed at the end of the article. Bibliographic list drawn up in alphabetical order in accordance with state standard.

The article ends with the annotation in English with the name of the work, scientific degree, academic rank, position, place of work of the author (postal address, phone number, E-mail), keywords and references in English.

The editorial board accepts texts prepared in the format MS Word for Windows. Font – Times New Roman, font size of the main text – 14, bibliography – 12, single spacing, indentations – 1,25. Size fields: top – 2,5 cm, bottom – 2,5 cm, left – 3 cm, on the right – 1,5 cm.

All pages beginning with the title one should be numbered serially. Received manuscript text is final and must be carefully checked and corrected.

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