Program of scholarships

RTSU is the member of such networking university, as:

  • Networking University of Commonwealth of Independent States
  • University of Shanghai organization of Collaboration

Networking University of Independent States

The goal of creation of « Networking University of CNS » is the  development and introduction the  analogs of program  «Erazmus Mundus» in the frame of the  united (general) educational space of  the member-states  of CIS.

The main goal of project – rising quality and attractiveness of higher education, fortification of corporation and  (among the institute of higher education) in  the territory of member-states of the  Commonwealth of Independent States.

The project of NU CIS is directed to the organization and realization of higher quality combined master program ,   fortification of international corporations ,preparation of the  specialists of higher qualification and assistance of exchange postgraduates , carrying out the combined scientific research with a purpose of preparation candidate dissertations.

Networking university of CIS functions on rights of the Consortium under equal rights of partnership of all institutes of higher education- partnership and open for entry other organizations in formed members of Consortium’s order.

The members of Consortium – the leading universities of state –members of CIS, Russian-Slavonic universities, the institute of higher education, is basic organizations for direction of collaboration by the Decision of the Council of  the Head of Government member –states of  CIS.

The University of Shanghai Cooperation Organization

The university of SHCO  presents with itself corporation of  the institute of higher education member –states of Shanghai Cooperation  Organization, interacted on foundation agreement, directed on decision of very important educational tasks, decision which , on current  period  of development of higher professional education, is very important and timely for Tajikistan, but exactly:

  • broadening the exchange of studying and scientific-pedagogical workers;
  • increase scientific-academic cooperation;
  • introduction of modern  educational methods and technology;
  • Creation of  mechanism of acknowledgment  and equivalences of the documents about education of University of ShCO states –(led) by  members of Shanghai Corporation Organization and world educational community.

In the network of the University of ShCO RTSU joined with Moscow state linguistic university carries out master program: «Regional study», «Linguistics» and «Intercultural communication».

At the expense of grant of Intergovernmental fund Humanitarian Corporation of the state- participants of CIS (MFSC), at the expense of discharged Russian Federation the quota for teaching  from funds of federal budgets in the network of program networking University of CIS and networking university of ShCO –annually since 2010 year ,it has been carried out the sending of  the students on the continuation of study to the prestigious (institute of higher educations) of  the Russian Federation:

  • Moscow state linguistic university
  • New Siberian state University
  • Peoples` friendship University of Russia
  • Uralian federal university etc.

At the network of given projects 27 undergraduates spent their studying in the leading Russian Universities). Nowadays theloined master program is continuing to work .

  RTSU supports the intimate relation with   Ministry of education of CPR and annually gets the quota from the stipend of good student of philological faculty, department of Chinese (language) on the continuation of studying (a year) at the institute of higher education of the country. With the given program 41 students will be sent in 2014 .

RTSU supports bilateral relations of partnership institute of higher education of CPR:
  • Xinjiang Normal University
  • Guilin University of Technology
  • Liaoning University of Petroleum and Chemical Technology
  • Dalian University of Foreign Languages

Study in RTSU

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