About international relations of the University

The Russian -Tajik Slavonic University maintains contractual relationships with more than 50 foreign universities from CIS countries, Europe, Asia and America, but the most effective cooperation in the field of education and science is carried out with such universities as:

·         Peoples` friendship University of Russia  ( the Russian Federation)

·         Moscow state linguistic University ( theRussian Federation)

·         Irkutsk state linguistic University (  the Russian Federation)

·         Novosibirsk state University ( the Russian Federation)

·         Altai state University ( the Russian Federation)

·         Guilinskii technological University (Chinese People's Republic)

·         Xinjiang educational University (Chinese People's Republic)

In 2014 an association agreements on cooperation in the field of education and science were signed with such universities as:

·         National research nuclear University ( the Russian Federation)

·         Academy of labor and social relations (PMO HPE Atico") ( the Russian Federation)

·          Mari state University (the  Russian Federation)

·         Shaanxi University of radio and television of China (Chinese People's Republic)

·          Moscow state Institute of international relations (U) of the MFA of the Russian Federation ( the Russian Federation)

·          Ufa state aviation technical University ( the Russian Federation)

·          Bashkir state pedagogical University  of M. Akmulla ( the Russian Federation)

·         Tomsk state University ( the Russian Federation)

Established international connections and contacts allow our leading teachers to participate in  the international conferences, forums, round tables, study the positive experience of leading foreign universities. These relations enable the best students to continue their education in the universities-partners. Therefore one of priorities directions denoted at the University’s activities is the integration of the University in international educational, scientific, and economic structure on the basis of comprehensive development of international cooperation and external relations of the Russian -Tajik Slavonic University with foreign partners.

There are various representatives are training in Russian -Tajik Slavonic University.

 The entertainment, travels, tours and etc. are organized for them. University staff visits abroad with the purpose of reading the lectures, participation in the conferences, traineeship and etc.

In March 2014  the Chairman of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation Valentina Matvienko visits the Russian- Tajik (Slavoni) University. She spoke with the staff and students of the University.

Meetings were organized with the Ambassadors of several countries and representatives of international organizations in 2014.

Such as:

Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary  Ambassador of Japan in the Republic of Tajikistan Mr. Hiroyuki Imahashi;

Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the Republic of Turkmenistan in the Republic of Tajikistan Mr. Amanlyev I. H.;

The head representing of the Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA) in the Republic of Tajikistan MR. Kazuya Sweta;

The representative of the International Monetary Fund of National Bank of Tajikistan Bibolov A. Sh.;

The head of the international Department of Hebei Institute Bahai - An Fei;

Representatives Guilin’s technological University (Chinese People's Republic) – Chen Wen Qian and Ma Binbin;

The public lectures of foreign scholars and diplomats are holding in the University:

·         Safranchuk I. A. “Official and Unofficial U.S. policy in Afganistan” ( the Russian Federation);

·         Micales James Vaclav and Heaser Dehan "Acquaintance with the history and culture of the United States"- professor Binghamton’s University (The States of New York, USA);

·         Bibolov A. Sh. “About the IMF's activities in the Republic of Tajikistan” is the head of the International Monetary Fund of Tajikistan;

·         Konovalov A.N. "Socially - cultural adaptation of students: problems and prospects" of the head of the Centre for research and development of School education and training of migrants PFUR and many others.

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