International activity

Мансуров У.А.

Vice-rector for International relations
Mansurov Umed Abdufattohovich

The Russian-Tajik (Slavonic) University being the intergovernmental educational institution, pays attention on the international communications with different educational, scientific and cultural institutions of the countries of near and far abroad.  The international activity of  RTSU  is an effective method of increasing the educational opportunity of  the students, undergraduates, graduate students, and also the way of improving  professors` skills.

The international activity of  the Russian-Tajik (Slavonic) University is organized and coordinated by the University`s International Department.  The activity of the Department is aimed at establishing contacts with the countries of  near and far abroad on issues of academic education and international cooperation. Currently, our University has more than 102 representatives of the other countries.

The aim of the Department is to create the networks with foreign Universities for the development and realization international projects and programs in educational, scientific, research and practical spheres.

Our tasks are:

  1. The organization of events for developing of international relations of the University;

  2. Meeting the  foreign  delegations arriving to  the Russian-Tajik (Slavonic) University;

  3. Development of student and teacher’s academicals mobility;

  4. Realization of search and extension of the information of the activities of international and foreign funds, planning the  projects for the departments and  other University bodies;

  5. Search the  Russian and foreign partners for  scientific projects and carrying out consultative work in the field of international cooperation on issues of individual grants and traineeship abroad;

  6. Attracting foreign professors for lecturing in the Russian-Tajik (Slavonic) University;

  7. Legalization of documents for foreign students to obtain, renew visas at the Consular Department of MFA(Ministry for Foreign affairs)  of R.T and obtain registration in Visa office of R.T.;

  8. The collection of  the information about international activities of  the Russian-Tajik (Slavonic) University, making the reports of it

The work of the International Department of the University is carried out by:

Vice-rector for International relations Mansurov Umed Abdufattohovich

Lead and control the planning and organization international interuniversity cooperation, the mobility including the mobility of the students and graduate students; attracting foreign professors for lecturing at the University.

Head of the International department – Chalisheva Mavjuda Soatovna

Organizes meetings of students and teachers of the Russian-Tajik (Slavonic) University with representatives of foreign Universities, the diplomatic corps, international organizations. Organizes the realization of the joint master’s programs of the CIS Network University and the University of the SCO, and as well as academic exchange programs with Universities of Chinese People's Republic.

Leading specialist – Rustamova Dilafruz Vosifovna   

Prepares the projects of the contracts and memoranda of the cooperations with international organizations, foreign educational institutions, the Russian partners (funds, association, centers). Control the foreighn of the University working staff  and the students.


First-rate specialist – Sharipova Saida Karimovna

First-rate specialist controls the events, business meetings with representatives of embassies and international organizations, prominent scholars and figures. Prepares students and University workers for foreign travels. Engaged in the processing of documents for foreign students to obtain, prolongation visas at the Consular Department of MFA R.T and obtain registration in Visa office of R.T.

The translator of the International Department – Bobishoev Khusrav

Translate the literature, normative-technical documentation. Focus on the creation of thematic surveys on foreign materials. Participate in the organization of the meetings of the students and the teachers of  the Russian -Tajik (Slavonic)University with representatives of the diplomatic corps, international organizations.

Secretary of the International Department – Himatova Nilufar Mahmadshoev

Carries out the work on organizational and technical provision of the administrative activities of the Vice-rector for international relations; record keeping; organization of the reception.


734000, Dushanbe, M.Tursunzade str, 30

Phone: (992) 37 2271652


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