Department of General History

The department was founded in September 2000  as a result of the division of the department of national history and international relations into two departments. At the department there were: Ph.D., Associate Professor Rakhmatov I.R. - Acting Head; Doctor of History, Professor. Abulhaev R.A and Maitdinova G.M, docents Valiev A.V, Jamalova N.I and Muhiddinov I.M – Doctor of historical Sciences, professor, pluralist; Yakubov Y.Y – Doctor of historical  Sciences, corresponding member ;  Dautov D. doctor of historical Sciences,  and Yorov K. – senior teacher on hourly basis. 

In 2014 the staff of the department was presented:

1. Acting Head of the department, Ph.D., associate professor Jamalova N.I

2.Doctor of History, Professor Abulhaev R.A

3. Ph.D., associate professor Rakhmatov I.R

4. Ph.D., associate professor Valiev A.V

5. Senior teacher Mangushev A.V

6. PhD, Associate Professor Gafurov A.M (hourly worker)   

Research work:

Scientific direction and challenges that teachers of the department are working on:

Direction: "The problem of the study of history and culture of Central Asia and Eastern Europe (XIX-XXI)

-Studies cultural history of Central Asia and Eastern Europe (XIX - XXI centuries.), basic scientific problems, that members of the department are working on the following topics: - "Afghanistan and the countries of the Middle East"- "Cooperation of Iran and Tajikistan in the late XX and early XXI centuries."

- "History of transformation process in the countries of Central Asia in 20-30 of XX century. "

-" Ethnographic Study of the Tajiks of Central Asia in 20-40 of XX century. "

- "The political and socio-economic status of the Balkan region in 90s of XX and the beginning of XXI century."

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