Department of National history

Training, educational and methodical work in the department is based on the curriculum towards 03060062 "History".

The aim of the department is teaching historical disciplines using modern innovative technologies and to provide students holistic view of the main stages and patterns of political, socio-economic and cultural development of Tajikistan and Russia. On this basis the Department instills in students a sense of respect for the history of Russia and Tajikistan, shows an example of historical personalities samples professionalism and honest service to the Fatherland, high spirituality and patriotism.

Staff of the department is working on a scientific problem "Russian-Central Asian relations (XVI-XXI ).The main problems of the history of the Tajik people. The main areas of research are: the pre-revolutionary period, during the Soviet era and the current stage of development of relations between Tajikistan and the Russian Federation, including the shape and direction of diplomatic, economic and integration of relations between Russia and Tajikistan, the development of culture and art. On this issue Department also conducts international and national conferences. Staff of the department prepares and publishes monographs, textbooks and manuals. The total number of papers published by the Department in 2012 amounted to about 70.

In  accordance with the curriculum, students  of 3-5 courses  have to take part in museum excursion, production and educational and externship at the National Museum Behzod, Russian-Tajik secondary school at RTSU, Dushanbe Library  in name of Indira Gandhi at the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tajikistan.

The department will hold its traditional efforts to attract students of historical and non-historical branches to research work. Students participate in student competitions.

The research work of the department is aimed at a comprehensive study of the problems of the Russian-Central Asian relations in the stage of history, beginning with XVI up  to the present.

The department operates a Club called "Young historian" and self-governing student club "Experts Tajik diaspora."

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