Department of "English"

A history of creation

The English department of the Faculty of History and International Relations was formed September 1, 2001 as a result of the division of the Department of English (interdepartmental) into two separate departments.

To form the new Department of English Language is the implementation of language training students of international relations, as well as providing teaching English as a secondary discipline students of history and culture, both full-time and correspondence courses.

The activities of the Department of English is mainly aimed at finding ways to improve and enhance the quality of English language teaching in the departments of Defense, history and culture.

Teaching staff of the department is staffed by qualified personnel with the necessary expertise Scientific - pedagogical activity consists of nine full-time employees and is as follows:

1. Radzhabova M.R. – the department chair, Ph.D., the associate professor (the general experience – 32 years), "The excellent student of national education".

2. Mamadnazarov A.Kh. - Cand.Phil.Sci., the associate professor (a general experience – 44years)

3. Alidodkhonova K.A. – the associate professor (a general experience – 42 years), "The excellent student of national education", "Hizmati Shoist's Medals".

4. Rakhimov A.R. - the senior teacher (a general experience – 46 years), "A medal from the grateful Afghan people", "An anniversary medal of the 10 anniversary of April revolution in Afghanistan".

5. Safarova D. K. - the senior teacher (a general experience – 26 years).

6. Muzafarova D. Sh. - the senior teacher (a general experience – 19 years)

7. Abdurakhimova M. B. - the teacher (a general experience – 34 g)

8. Guzanfarova G. S. – the teacher (the general experience – 15 years)

9. Boymatova N. K. – the teacher (the general experience – 3 years)

The above structure of the department contributes to the success of the educational process whose ultimate goal is to provide students with the necessary amount of knowledge and practical skills in the English language.

Scientifically – is a methodical and a research work at the department is conducted in accordance with the long-term plan in the following areas of the Faculty of History and Defense: 1. Investigation of mutual influences of world civilizations in the social and humanitarian aspect. 2. Comparative Typology and in modern philology. 3. Innovation and integrative approach to improve professional and personal competence of specialists.

On the specifics of their work is guided by the Department of English two problems:

1. The research  language systems (grammar, vocabulary, phonetics) in the comparative-typological point in terms of bilingualism and multilingualism.

2. The improving the teaching of English in high school.

Study in RTSU

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